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Concrete is a mixture of cementitious material, course aggregate (stone), fine aggregate (sand), and water. Despite a common misconception, cement is the powered ingredient that provides the glue that binds the raw materials together in concrete.

These components are mixed in a highly-automated production facility to precisely measure the proportions as per an engineered mix design. In addition to the main ingredients, admixtures are regularly added to enhance the characteristics of the concrete. We have the ability to speed up or slow down set time, adjust for interior or exterior placement, improve workability, or increase strength among many other characteristics.

We work closely with the finest contractors to ensure proper placement and a lasting product. For a list of recommended contractors for your project please contact our Sales Team.

When placing an order for concrete, help us provide you a better experience by having the following info:

  • Location - Include special instructions to get the truck to the job safely.
  • Yardage - Let us know the desired spacing between trucks when ordering 10+ cubic yards.
  • Strength
  • Air Entrainment - Are you pouring interior or exterior?
  • Slump - Let us adjust the slump at the plant. Just 1 gallon of water at the job can decrease compressive strength by 150psi and increase the tendency of cracking.
  • Tell us what you're doing - Numerous options are available to make your project a success!

We provide Saturday Deliveries!